Stephen Orsinger focuses his practice on civil litigation, civil appeals and family law. He has extensive experience in handling family law matters involving disputes over both custody and property, and has a special aptitude for appellate law. Stephen dedicated the first several years of his practice to family law exclusively at one of the most prominent family law firms in Dallas, but since returning to Austin, has expanded his practice to include commercial litigation, transactional law, and general civil appeals.  


Stephen is a frequent lecturer at continuing legal education seminars, and has authored papers on a wide variety of topics including: business valuation and entity structure; characterization of community and separate property; personal and commercial goodwill; trusts; electronic discovery; and pre-nuptial agreements.  


Stephen has been selected by his peers as a Texas Super Lawyer Rising Star for 7 straight years (2010-2016), an award reflecting the Top 2.5% of Texas lawyers under age 40.  


Representative Experience:

• Obtained two mandamuses from the Fourth Court of Appeals in San Antonio in the same case, reversing the removal of a child from the custody of her primary conservator.

• Obtained a mandamus from the Second Court of Appeals in Fort Worth, reversing an order preventing a mother from appealing severe restrictions of her parental rights.

• Secured primary conservatorship for a child’s mother against the father, who was seeking to have her parental rights significantly curtailed.

• Prosecuted and defended against multiple enforcement actions seeking incarceration for contempt of court.

• As an appellate advocate at trial, successfully briefed and argued multiple evidentiary exclusions, drafted the trial court’s findings of fact and conclusions of law, and secured an affirmance of the final judgment in the subsequent appeal.

• Successfully defended a summary judgment rendered against a corporation's conversion, breach of contract, tortious interference and declaratory judgment claims.

• Tried a seven-day recusal hearing defending a trial judge’s actions against allegations of bias and prejudice.

• Participated in several oral arguments in six different Texas Courts of Appeals.


Professional Associations:

• State Bar of Texas: Family Law Section.

• Texas Family Law Foundation – Bill Review Committee (2009, 2011, 2013, 2015).

• Marriage Dissolution Institution Planning Committee (2012, 2016).

• eDiscovery in Your Case Planning Committee (2014).


Speeches and Presentations:

• Essentials of E-Discovery (2014)

Chapter 19 – Discovery of ESI from Nonparties

Authored chapter

• eDiscovery in Your Case Course (2014)

Forensic Analysis of Electronically Stored Information

Authored & Presented paper, Served on Planning Committee

• Advanced Family Law Course (2014)

Valuation, Characterization & Division of Closely-Held Businesses in Family Law

Authored & Presented paper

• Texas Perspectives on eDiscovery (2013)

Chapter 1 – Discovery and Authentication of Electronically Stored Information

Authored chapter

• State Bar College Summer School Course (2013)

Preservation of Error in Civil Cases – A Primer

Authored & Presented paper

• Marriage Dissolution Institute (2012)

The Intangible Assets of a Non-Existent Entity: Sole Proprietorships & Goodwill in a Texas Divorce 

Authored & Presented paper, Served on Planning Committee

• Advanced Family Law Course (2012)

Service of Citation, Default Judgments & Remedial Measures

Authored & Presented paper

• Advanced Family Law Drafting Course (2011)

Drafting Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements: Foreclosing Defenses and Employing Construction

Authored & Presented paper

• Advanced Family Law Course (2011)

Discovery and Authentication of Electronically Stored Information

Authored & Presented paper

• Advanced Family Law Course (2011)

Dealing with Business Entities – Appendices A & B

Authored & Presented paper

• Advanced Family Law Course (2010)

Valuation: Approaches, Assets, and Authority – Section II-VII

Authored paper

• Marriage Dissolution Institute (2009)

Trusts, Family Law & the Contract-Property Dichotomy

Authored & Presented paper

• Advanced Family Law Course (2009)

Practicing Family Law in a Depressed Economy – Part I: Your Law Practice and Your Clients

Authored & Presented paper

• Family Law on the Front Lines Course (2009)

Property Puzzles: 30 Characterization Rules, Explanations & Examples

Authored paper

• Advanced Family Law Course (2008)

Effect of Choice of Entities: How Organizational Law, Accounting, and Tax Law for Entities Affect Marital Property Law

Authored paper

• Marriage Dissolution Institute (2008)

The Ethics of ADR Negotiation and Settlement

Authored paper


Professional Recognition:

• Texas Super Lawyer Rising Star (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016).



• University of Texas School of Law – Austin, TX

J.D. (2007)

• St. John’s College – Santa Fe, NM:

 B.A. (2003)